Setting Up Users

First, we need to set a password on the admin account.  This is needed so that users cannot simply log on as an administrator.   CLICK Configuration > User Management.

DOUBLE-CLICK  on the Admin entry in the box.  Now enter your desired admin password in the password box.  CLICK “OK.”  Remember to save your password! 

Next, CLICK the “Add User” button. 

User Details

  • User Name is simply a reference name for the user.
  • Password is the password needed to enter via the GUI.
  • User is Active is a flag to indicate the user is active and can log in. You may temporarily deactivate users by clearing this checkbox.
  • Access Level is the selection of the access level assigned. 
  • Default Mix is the initial Mix they will see when they log in. For personal monitor mixes, you will want to change this to their appropriate Aux mix.
  • Lock to Mix will disallow the user from making changes to a mix other than the Default Mix.
  • Default View Group allows customized views by default.
  • Lock to View Group will disallow the user from getting out of the customized view. This is a great way to hide channels from a user presenting only the channels needed.
  • Mixer Engine is used when using the Host’s second engine capabilities and will lock the user to the specified engine.
  • Recall Scene on logon will automatically recall the scene that was active when last logged on. 
  • Load Show on login will automatically load the previously loaded show when logging in. 

Setting Up Access Levels 

Access Level restrictions give you the ability to define user functions.  CLICK  Configuration > Access Level Editor from the drop-down menu.  Then, choose the level you wish to edit by CLICKING the drop down menu to the right of “Select the Access Level to view or edit”.  (You’ll notice in the example above, Aux 1-6 is the access chosen for this user.)  All preset entries can  be modified including the preset name.  Change the preset name by clicking inside the drop-down box then enter your new name. 

You will now see quite a few checkboxes.  This gives you the ability to define exactly what they can and cannot do.  Remember, an Access Level can be applied to each user.  You may choose to use the same access level for multiple users, or you may desire to create unique profiles for each user.  Up to 32 users that can be configured.

The Access Level Editor gives you the ability to change the name of any selection from the drop down box.  Highlight the name in the drop down box, type in the name you would like to change and CLICK “ENTER”.

Once you are happy with your choices, CLICK “OK”.