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AMP by NLE is a flexible and customizable software-based audio console that erases the need for large bulky mixers.

Developed by audio engineers for audio engineers, AMP uses familiar mixer designs to control up to 255 channels of I/O. Using standard Dante or AES67 network interfaces, the extremely powerful dual mix engine integrates with existing systems and control surfaces, or can be a comprehensive stand-alone mixer.

AMP offers extreme flexibility in routing and control of mixes, monitors and all parameters from front of house, stage or remotely with a tablet or other devices. With up to 32 stereo aux and 32 stereo matrix options, there is never a shortage of channels.

Front of house, monitor mix and broadcast engineers love AMP’s range of features making it the perfect solution for large touring shows, theaters, houses of worship and corporate audio broadcast.

Plus, a flexible user interface.

AMP outshines other mixers by providing a fully customizable multi-touch graphic user interface (GUI).  From simple mixer presets to multiple monitors and control surfaces, just about every element is ready to tweak.  Familiar console models are included and customizable. Or, you can create something completely new. The choices are up to you.

Order the AMP ASIO installer package and run the GUI software on work-stations, laptops, and tablets.  Access AMP on your local network and run the (GUI) software on Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms!  

Need even more control? The dual engine mode gives you 2 completely independent mix engines, allowing for separate broadcast or monitoring without affecting your FOH system!

You wont find a more capable and complete audio mixing plaform than AMP.

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