Devices Supported by AMP

  • Mackie MCU
  • HUI
  • Behringer X-Touch
  • X-Touch Extender

Connecting a Control Surface

The GUI Supports up to 8 MIDI controllers, each one capable of controlling a number of channels.  To configure, CLICK Configuration > Preferences, then CLICK “MIDI Controllers” on the left side.  There are tabs at the top of the window  for each of the controllers. 

To select a controller

  • CHECK the “Enable for WDL” checkbox.
  • From the drop-down menu to the right of this checkbox, select the desired WDL window that is your main mixer window.
  • Choose the appropriate MIDI Input and Output devices, and the MIDI channel. (Most often, the channel will be 1.)
  • CLICK the “Browse” button to select the appropriate Command Template