Connecting Hardware

Use a high quality Ethernet switch and standard Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7 Ethernet cables to connect all hardware components to your audio network switch device. Dante enabled systems may require managed switches with special capabilities. 

  • NOTE  An audio clock sync signal is carried over Ethernet so there is no need for external clock sync cables.

Host System

The Host is run on a PC (or Mac), which has your ASIO, Dante or Aes67 interface to your audio Input/Output devices (see page 30 for system requirements).  This system also requires the AMP USB key to be installed.  (You can run the GUI program from the same system as the host, although we recommend you use a dedicated computer for the host alone to maximize processing power and latency.) 

  • NOTE  The software for both the host and GUI are preloaded on your USB Key.  However, it is not required to load them from the key.  You may copy the data to any folder on any drive.  Please go to for the latest software versions.

Installing the Host

First, log on to the computer with an administrative account.

For Windows versions from Vista to 8.1, you need to disable User Access Control (UAC).  The host will automatically do this for you.  CLICK “Allow” or “Yes” to any warning messages. 

ASIO Version

This is a legacy version recommended for those experienced in tuning their existing systems for extremely low latency audio. 

    • Connect AMP USB Key to system. 
    • Install to default “C:\Host”
    • Check the box “Automatically start when Windows starts”
  • After installation, UNCHECK “Run AMPHost.exe”
  • Reboot the computer.  
  • Then, run AMP. DOUBLE-CLICK  “AMPHost.exe” file inside the Host folder.  

You may see a Windows Security Alert box pop up.  CLICK “Allow Access”.  CLICK the “Debug” button.  The window will open to a larger screen, displaying many other parameters.

  • In the drop down box at the top middle of your screen, make sure your desired ASIO Interface is selected. 
  • CLICK the “START” button on the left top. You will notice the AVERAGE DSP value may start to fluctuate.  This indicates that processing is happening. 

The host is now operating.