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Author Topic: July GUI update 0.10.77  (Read 8174 times)


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July GUI update 0.10.77
« on: July 30, 2018, 01:27:45 AM »

Hi Gang,

We've just posted the latest GUI version.  There are still some performance enhancements are are making, as on some systems this seems to be running a little slowly.  We do have a fix that is being tweaked and tested now.  But rather than wait longer, here is something you can start working with now!

 - The Effects WDL/WDI files now include a "none" entry.
 - The X-Ctrl protocol for the Behringer X-Control controller had a last-minute bug that crept in for the previous version.  This should all be fixed now.  Colored scribble strips are here!
 - The Pot Assign is in a better state, although still has a few more bugs to be worked out.  It is now used in a few more WDLs like the new Basic Compact series mixers.
 - Some window types were not being properly recalled on a GUI Save / Load.  This is now fixed.
 - Assign buttons on a mixer WDL were not synced with the channel strip.  This is now fixed.
 - Reversed Left and Right clicking for Clip indicators.
 - Fixed Left and Right side tabs for WDLs.
 - Added aux-bar-height attribute for the AuxBar WDL widget
 - The Spinbox widget has issues with text justification with certain parameters.  Should now be fixed.
 - When browsing drives on the host, the file browser would not back out of a drive.  This is now fixed.
 - Media Player window widgets have been updated to indicate proper status.
 - Muting DCAs will show blinking mute buttons on affected channels present on Midi controllers.
 - New Basic Compact mixers!
 - LOTS of WDL updates that fix sync issues with midi controllers