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Author Topic: Dec 6 2015 GUI Update  (Read 5943 times)


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Dec 6 2015 GUI Update
« on: February 01, 2016, 03:14:50 PM »

Hey gang,

Just posted a new GUI.  This has some new stuff, and not everything is yet debugged.  This will be a preview of some things to come.  Here's the changelog:

 - New SOLO functionality: added the ability to Solo DCAs, as well as Preferences for DCA solo type.
** NOTE!  This will require an updated host, which has not yet been uploaded! **
 - Added SOLO DCA buttons into WDLs
 - Added Solo indicator and Release function in Blue Solo WDL
 - Fixed "Move Selected Channels Here" function
 - Fixed bug where if you were in a view group and you recalled a scene with different view group settings, the screen would not refresh properly
 - "Freestyle Slider" now working for channel strips, including various spinbox widgets
 - Titlebars can now be disabled on a per-WDL basis.  Simply right-click on the window, and use the new option in the context menu to enable or disable the titlebar.
 - Window resize function made easier with corner drag image.
 - Initial Talkback code function added to GUI.
** NOTE!  This will require an updated host, which has not yet been uploaded. **
 - The MIDI Hardware Controller support enhanced with Mackie HUI and MCU mode functionality.  The MotorMix file has also been updated, so if you have done any customizations, they will need to be done on the new file.
 - Enhanced "Button" support   for overloading controller buttons is introduced, but still experimental
 - Aux Bars pop-up fader can now be fully defined
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