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Author Topic: May 2018 Major Update  (Read 5223 times)


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May 2018 Major Update
« on: May 10, 2018, 01:42:14 AM »

Hey Gang,

The long-awaited updates are here!  What has been holding things up is that we had some new features that caused some major bugs, and when we worked one out, another appeared!  I *believe* these versions are fairly stable, but please test before using for anything live.  AMP has been busily in development all this time.

First, we are now on the 0.10.x numbering scheme.  The GUI -> Host protocol has changed a little bit, and odd things will happen if you try to mix and match versions of the second number.  Also, GUI config file changes will mean you should nuke your old GUI config file, and re-set up your GUI.  The host also has newer things stored, but it *should* auto-convert from older versions.

Also, there are now executable installers for both host and gui.  It is ok to install on top of existing installs.

One big new thing is the addition of a built-in 4-band Multu-Band Compressor.  This sucker has 24dB/Oct slopes, which rivals other MBCs, so there is less interaction between bands.

Host 0.10.6 Updates:
 - Changed Host Audio protocol to use half the bandwidth (1.5Mb/sec),
 - Host Audio now works even when Solo Outs are not defined
 - Added AuxMix commands, so that individual Aux mixes can be saved and recalled
 - Added a pseudo-random Pink noise generator
 - Fixed a few crash points
 - Updated HeadAmp control to keep the connection alive
 - Separated Host Audio into threads to smooth its response and CPU utilization
 - Fixed Media Playback issues with certain files and sizes
 - Fixed logging and enabled auto-scrolling of log
 - Added LCR Solo inputs
 - Added global tap tempo
 - Added multi-band compressor (32 of them, per engine!!!)
 - Fixed Insert meter issue
 - Fixed post-fader insert

GUI 0.10.37 Updates:
 - Extensive work done on MIDI controllers: Support for Behringer X-touch with native network X-Ctl protocol built-in!  X-Ctl protocol also now provides scribble strip colors!
 - Support for RTP-Midi protocol (for the X-Touch Extender)
 - 6 Mapper buttons defined (called Pot Assign), along with WDL that also allows GUI control of mapped encoder knob functions (and a way to change them on the fly)
 - Added a new command (0xffd0) which uses this pot-assign mapping
 - Addition of generic head-amp gain adjustments, which will use either analog head-amp control or revert back to digital gain if no analog control is present
 - Aux EQ added (along with the Monitor 16 WDL that exposes it within the mixer view)
 - Added new mixer WDL right-click options to assign input sources or functions directly
 - Added support for SysEx messages within midi controller files
 - Added additional DCA mute status attribute to controllers
 - Added (limited for the moment) support for ASIO GUI interfaces (for host audio)
 - Fixed Toolbar buttons for Select button assigns to be toggles
 - Added Solo Level as an option for midi fader controllers
 - Fixed meters on control surfaces to follow the correct meter tap
 - Made Media Player positioning a bit more smooth
 - Talkback interface can be controlled with midi controllers (like Push-to-Talk)
 - Added way to load and save an Aux Mix in Mix Select WDL
 - Some "Spacer" slots bug fixes
 - Fixed bug with 9 channels assigned in a MCU type MIDI controller
 - AuxBar widget can now support horizontal mode
 - Meter tap issues fixed
 - ToolBar WDL fixes,
 - Pop-up EQ resize bug fix
 - Post-fader meter tap fix
 - Added a way to reset the GUI config from within the program
 - Moved the GUI config to the appdata\roaming user profile area
 - Titlebar visibility now properly saved
 - Fixed memory leak in channel strip editing
 - Fixed a bug in the design wizard that did not show Aux before Busses
 - Added a way to clear the scene list within the design wizard
 - Fixed file transfer section to allow multiple files to be transferred at the same time, also verification of overwriting files on destination
 - Global Tap Tempo added
 - Center channels added to Solo Settings
 - Drop-down widget now works in EQ Filter Type command
 - Left+Right click on Solo or Select will turn off that button on all channels
 - On-Screen-Keyboard launch button added (for touch devices)
 - Load Scene was resetting Controller banking
 - Pot Assign function and WDL added
 - Host Audio set to using 16 bit (and half previous bandwidth)
 - Added multi-band compressor plugin (in Effects Rack)
 - Fixed scene editor issue with channel selection
 - More optimizations for MIDI controllers
 - Media file / MT file dialog selection bug fixed
 - DCA channels skipped in MT track selection
 - Hardware controller templates now have number of channels within the config file
 - 9th channel properly handled for Mackie MCU type controllers
 - Scene recall options for Inserts added
 - multiple small bugs fixed, updated WDLs.