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Author Topic: X touch extender problems with GUI 10.37  (Read 1666 times)


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X touch extender problems with GUI 10.37
« on: June 25, 2018, 10:04:28 PM »

I bought my first X touch extender last week and have been trying it out over the last few days. I was still on Host 10.1 and GUI 10.5.  The X touch extender connected immediately with rtpMidi and the mcu-ext template.  However, I noticed the select, solo, mute, and the little leds around the knob did not light up.  I remembered that the newest Host 10.6 and GUI 10.37 were supposed to have fixed this. So I renamed the host folder and moved it.  Did the same for the GUI folder.  I also erased the ini file in AppData/roaming folder.  I then installed the latest Host and GUI installers. 

Once again the X touch extender immediately connected. I first tried going between the main mix, aux mixes, etc and everything worked.  All the lights worked as well. 

However, when I started playing with the View Groups there were glitches.  I set the faders so that even numbers were all the way up for VG1, then odd all the way up for VG2.  Also alternated the mute lights, solo, etc.  When switching between View Groups, the lights and faders do not always follow.  Worse, the actual channel would be at 0, the fader (having not moved) would be at the top.  When I would touch the fader, the actual channel would jump to the top (not something I could live with).  If I use the onscreen fader, then the x touch fader would jump to the correct position.

I then changed back to Host 10.1 and GUI 10.5.  When recreating the same scenario, everything is rock solid.  I just don't have the lights with the buttons.

Is there something I am missing with the GUI 10.37 installation?  Is this a glitch with 10.37?  I like the added features in 10.37, but need the X touch extender to work correctly.  Any suggestions?
Thanks, Paul
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Re: X touch extender problems with GUI 10.37
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2018, 12:02:43 AM »

Hi Paul,

Yes, there is a bug with this that we are currently working out.  This should be solved in the next update.