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Author Topic: 0.9.279 gui bugs  (Read 36 times)


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0.9.279 gui bugs
« on: October 06, 2017, 09:32:52 AM »
Iím sure these are known, but Iíve used the latest versions in anger for the first time so here are some things Iíve noted.

Ghost faders donít work. Assigning a channel to a DCA shows the ghost fader at infinity. Sometimes they move around but not reliably.

Moving around with a controller (xtouch using rtpmidi in MC mode) switching between mixes and view groups doesnít refresh solo lights.

Also on the controller the Scribble strips were sometimes updated incorrectly. Names appeared correct but fader values seemed troublesome e.g. channel 1 would sometimes say Ďmainí on the lower half of the LCD.