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Author Topic: iCon Pro Audio - iControl Pro  (Read 2610 times)


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iCon Pro Audio - iControl Pro
« on: August 19, 2016, 11:20:55 PM »

So I picked up a single iControl Pro off eBay just to try out.

You can put this unit into HUI or MCU modes using their included editor software.  In testing with AMP GUI either mode works but in HUI mode only 8 faders work, not 9.  Also when in HUI mode while the mute and solo buttons worked the channel select button would fire off one of AMP's view groups and it wasn't in any sort of logical order.  Also once into that mode I couldn't get it to exit that mode with the surface, only by using the mouse on the screen.

MCU mode however fairs better.  That mostly seems to work and pressing channel select doesn't do anything, good or bad, which I guess is better than bad responses.

What I expect to be the pan knob is actually a level control for Aux Send 1.  I don't seem to have the button AMP is looking for to toggle that mode on this surface.

IN MCU mode Mute and Solo work, Sel does nothing as far as I can tell.  The channel arm button doesn't do anything either.  The master fader (fader #9) however is still kind of funky.  The fader works, but it's pan knob doesn't seem to do anything and it doesn't have a Sel, Mute, Solo buttons.  It has a button labeled Mixer and R and W.  Which I assume is Read and Write modes for automation. 

The mixer button on that strip puts AMP into a View Group again, which I can't get out of on the surface.  The R doesn't seem to do anything.  The W buttons also puts AMP into a View Group.  So while the fader for the master or strip #9 works, none of it's buttons do anything useful and two of them are a bit dangerous.

I'd love for the transport play button to fire off the next scene.

Over all I think the surface will be a good one for me.  I'll probably just need to spend time creating a custom template for it and then custom MIDI programming for the surface itself.  Get rid of the crap and make use of some of the extra buttons.  The things I don't like about it are pretty much what I expected. 

I hate that you have to touch the fader in just the right spot (center of the fader handle right on it's top)  or the motor keeps you from moving the fader.  That can be fixed with some all metal fader caps, which I'll have to investigate. 

I also don't care for the fact that power and USB connector are on the left hand side of the unit.  That's fine if you're only using one.  But I eventually want two surfaces and that means I won't be able to have them right up next to each other.  Pain in the ASS!

Also I find I have to jab the mute and solo a bit harder than I would like in order for them to engage.  There is also some oddness with regards to the backlight on the Mute and Solo buttons.  If I press the Mute on the surface the light never lights up, no matter what the Mute status is.  It is working within the GUI just the backlight of the button on the surface doesn't respond.  With the solo button if I press it on the surface it lights up and matches the GUI.  But if I click the buttons on the GUI's screen, the surface doesn't light up.  The light only seems to work when pressed on the surface itself.  At least I wasn't able to get it entirely out of sync.  I never had it where the surface showed the solo on but the GUI didn't.

One more last piece of oddness.  Moving the fader on the surface works as expected.  GUI tracks along nicely.  If move the on screen fader with a mouse... surface tracks along nicely.  Same if I use the mouse wheel, the surface slowly tracks along.  But if I do a left-right return to unity click on the fader, the on screen fader jumps but the surface doesn't track along.

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