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Author Topic: MIDI Command Reference  (Read 1903 times)


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MIDI Command Reference
« on: December 22, 2015, 02:00:31 AM »

Here is a start at documenting the various commands that can be used in the MIDI templates.
All numbers are in the format of "0x" + the hexadecimal value.  0 is the exception.

0 - 0x3FF: these are the per-channel commands

0xffff: Fader for CURRENT mix
0xfffe: Mute for CURRENT mix
0xfffd: Pan for CURRENT mix

0x1622: Channel Select Button
0x1014: Solo button
0x1500: Solo Clear
0x1015: Solo Gate Side-chain
0x1016: Solo De-Ess (RMS Comp) Side-chain

0x1300: Bank Left
0x1306: Bank Right
0x1301 - 0x1305: Bank positions 1-5

0x1400: Main Mix Select
0x1401-0x1420: Mix 1-32 Select
0x1421: Increment Mix
0x1422: Decrement Mix

0x1430: Increment selected channel
0x1431: Decrement selected channel

0x1600: Select NONE View Group
0x1601-0x1620: Select View Groups 1-32

0x1200: Midi Ping Enable (used only for HUI)

0x1201 - 0x120a: Recall Scenes 1-10 that are set in keyboard preferences
0x1210: Recall current selected scene
0x1211: Recall previous scene
0x1212: Select next scene
0x1213: Select previous scene

0x7400: Stop Media player
0x7401: Pause Media Player
0x7402: Resume/Play Media Player

0x2001-0x2020: "Buttons" that can be used with ButtonMatch statements to "overload" certain controls.

All of the above numbers are the id listed in the Command definition.
If echo="true" is contained within the command definition, then a Send section will be used to reflect the current state back to the controller.
If absolute="false", then the controller is used to increment or decrement the value, instead of sending an absolute value.

The scribble strip name comes like this:
<Command name="MMNAME" id="0x04"></Command>

There are 3 variations:
MMNAME: Motormix mode
MCUNAME: Mackie MCU mode (that will also do metering)
HUINAME: Mackie HUI mode (that may also do metering)