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General Discussion / User Registration: **READ ME**
« on: June 07, 2019, 03:58:41 AM »
Due to the excessive registration spam we have been receiving, all new users will need to register thru the main website registration process.
Thank you.

General Discussion / **AMP Released at InfoComm 2019!**
« on: June 07, 2019, 03:46:15 AM »
Big news, people!  There has been a tremendous amount of work done on AMP the past year, despite not a lot of action on this forum, we have been working hard on fixing bugs and adding features.  The result of this is this announcement:

The Audio Mixing Platform will have a booth at this year's InfoComm trade show in Orlando, FL coming up next week!  Booth 6890 will have demo systems of AMP in action!  If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by the booth and say hi!  We will post pics here from the show.


Release Information / July GUI update 0.10.77
« on: July 30, 2018, 01:27:45 AM »
Hi Gang,

We've just posted the latest GUI version.  There are still some performance enhancements are are making, as on some systems this seems to be running a little slowly.  We do have a fix that is being tweaked and tested now.  But rather than wait longer, here is something you can start working with now!

 - The Effects WDL/WDI files now include a "none" entry.
 - The X-Ctrl protocol for the Behringer X-Control controller had a last-minute bug that crept in for the previous version.  This should all be fixed now.  Colored scribble strips are here!
 - The Pot Assign is in a better state, although still has a few more bugs to be worked out.  It is now used in a few more WDLs like the new Basic Compact series mixers.
 - Some window types were not being properly recalled on a GUI Save / Load.  This is now fixed.
 - Assign buttons on a mixer WDL were not synced with the channel strip.  This is now fixed.
 - Reversed Left and Right clicking for Clip indicators.
 - Fixed Left and Right side tabs for WDLs.
 - Added aux-bar-height attribute for the AuxBar WDL widget
 - The Spinbox widget has issues with text justification with certain parameters.  Should now be fixed.
 - When browsing drives on the host, the file browser would not back out of a drive.  This is now fixed.
 - Media Player window widgets have been updated to indicate proper status.
 - Muting DCAs will show blinking mute buttons on affected channels present on Midi controllers.
 - New Basic Compact mixers!
 - LOTS of WDL updates that fix sync issues with midi controllers


Release Information / May 2018 Major Update
« on: May 10, 2018, 01:42:14 AM »
Hey Gang,

The long-awaited updates are here!  What has been holding things up is that we had some new features that caused some major bugs, and when we worked one out, another appeared!  I *believe* these versions are fairly stable, but please test before using for anything live.  AMP has been busily in development all this time.

First, we are now on the 0.10.x numbering scheme.  The GUI -> Host protocol has changed a little bit, and odd things will happen if you try to mix and match versions of the second number.  Also, GUI config file changes will mean you should nuke your old GUI config file, and re-set up your GUI.  The host also has newer things stored, but it *should* auto-convert from older versions.

Also, there are now executable installers for both host and gui.  It is ok to install on top of existing installs.

One big new thing is the addition of a built-in 4-band Multu-Band Compressor.  This sucker has 24dB/Oct slopes, which rivals other MBCs, so there is less interaction between bands.

Host 0.10.6 Updates:
 - Changed Host Audio protocol to use half the bandwidth (1.5Mb/sec),
 - Host Audio now works even when Solo Outs are not defined
 - Added AuxMix commands, so that individual Aux mixes can be saved and recalled
 - Added a pseudo-random Pink noise generator
 - Fixed a few crash points
 - Updated HeadAmp control to keep the connection alive
 - Separated Host Audio into threads to smooth its response and CPU utilization
 - Fixed Media Playback issues with certain files and sizes
 - Fixed logging and enabled auto-scrolling of log
 - Added LCR Solo inputs
 - Added global tap tempo
 - Added multi-band compressor (32 of them, per engine!!!)
 - Fixed Insert meter issue
 - Fixed post-fader insert

GUI 0.10.37 Updates:
 - Extensive work done on MIDI controllers: Support for Behringer X-touch with native network X-Ctl protocol built-in!  X-Ctl protocol also now provides scribble strip colors!
 - Support for RTP-Midi protocol (for the X-Touch Extender)
 - 6 Mapper buttons defined (called Pot Assign), along with WDL that also allows GUI control of mapped encoder knob functions (and a way to change them on the fly)
 - Added a new command (0xffd0) which uses this pot-assign mapping
 - Addition of generic head-amp gain adjustments, which will use either analog head-amp control or revert back to digital gain if no analog control is present
 - Aux EQ added (along with the Monitor 16 WDL that exposes it within the mixer view)
 - Added new mixer WDL right-click options to assign input sources or functions directly
 - Added support for SysEx messages within midi controller files
 - Added additional DCA mute status attribute to controllers
 - Added (limited for the moment) support for ASIO GUI interfaces (for host audio)
 - Fixed Toolbar buttons for Select button assigns to be toggles
 - Added Solo Level as an option for midi fader controllers
 - Fixed meters on control surfaces to follow the correct meter tap
 - Made Media Player positioning a bit more smooth
 - Talkback interface can be controlled with midi controllers (like Push-to-Talk)
 - Added way to load and save an Aux Mix in Mix Select WDL
 - Some "Spacer" slots bug fixes
 - Fixed bug with 9 channels assigned in a MCU type MIDI controller
 - AuxBar widget can now support horizontal mode
 - Meter tap issues fixed
 - ToolBar WDL fixes,
 - Pop-up EQ resize bug fix
 - Post-fader meter tap fix
 - Added a way to reset the GUI config from within the program
 - Moved the GUI config to the appdata\roaming user profile area
 - Titlebar visibility now properly saved
 - Fixed memory leak in channel strip editing
 - Fixed a bug in the design wizard that did not show Aux before Busses
 - Added a way to clear the scene list within the design wizard
 - Fixed file transfer section to allow multiple files to be transferred at the same time, also verification of overwriting files on destination
 - Global Tap Tempo added
 - Center channels added to Solo Settings
 - Drop-down widget now works in EQ Filter Type command
 - Left+Right click on Solo or Select will turn off that button on all channels
 - On-Screen-Keyboard launch button added (for touch devices)
 - Load Scene was resetting Controller banking
 - Pot Assign function and WDL added
 - Host Audio set to using 16 bit (and half previous bandwidth)
 - Added multi-band compressor plugin (in Effects Rack)
 - Fixed scene editor issue with channel selection
 - More optimizations for MIDI controllers
 - Media file / MT file dialog selection bug fixed
 - DCA channels skipped in MT track selection
 - Hardware controller templates now have number of channels within the config file
 - 9th channel properly handled for Mackie MCU type controllers
 - Scene recall options for Inserts added
 - multiple small bugs fixed, updated WDLs.



Release Information / July 6 Updates to Host and GUI
« on: July 07, 2017, 02:43:47 AM »
Greetings all!  It's been a long time since the last release, but we have been busy squashing bugs.  There are still a few, but decided to release this version right now for some more regression testing.

Host 0.9.70:
 - More enhancements to WebGUI interface
 - Fixed bug that kept the host from running without a network connection
 - More enhancements for detecting and controlling remote head amps
 - Added an uptime counter
 - Fixed Host Audio to run smoothly with 0 buffer setting
 - Fixed bug with FX meters showing wrong content
 - Fixed denormal issue with Reverb effects
 - Added logging when host is started/stopped, and also when clients connect and disconnect.

GUI 0.9.279:
 - Aux and ViewGroup selections for F key changes fixed
 - Hardware Controller indicator with more than one controller bug fixed
 - Controller indicator updated when changing banks
 - WDL-based status bar introduced, with a couple of different versions
 - Closed security hole that allowed mix selection if not allowed
 - GIF support added for buttons (so animated GIFs can be used)
 - Command 0xFE00 added for HA Gain (analog if available, digital if not)
 - AUX EQ graph support added (but not yet present in any WDLs)
 - Host Audio output device selection added
 - Many WDLs modified and enhanced for better touch response
 - Fixed snapshot save bug
 - Added new WDLs for the Toolbar, and removed those from the top status bar.

Please put them thru their paces!


General Discussion / Audiorails?
« on: April 04, 2017, 01:38:36 AM »
Hey gang,

For one of my customers, I need to send 24 channels of Adat (optical) over a 100' cat5 cable. I seem to recall that there was a product from appsys called Audiorails. Does anyone have something like this that they want to sell?  Please contact me privately.  Thanks!


Release Information / Mar 7 GUI 0.9.238 update
« on: March 07, 2017, 09:43:39 PM »
Hi Gang,

We've been experimenting with some things, and we've posted this version in an effort to solicit your testing and thoughts.  This isn't quite as "polished" as the other releases, but still certainly usable.  Here are the details:

 - You can now store Aux Mix and View Group selections with F keys
 - Hardware Controller indicator issues have been fixed (both with multiple controllers, and also when banking)
 - WDL "Top Bar" has been added.  We've taken some of the items off of the top bar of the main window, and made them into a WDL.  Expect to see more things on here, like Media player and recorder statuses.
 - Closed up a security hole that allowed other mixes to be selected that the user did not have access
 - Animated GIF support!
 - Command 0xFE00 added for Head Amp Gain that routes the widget to the analog gain adjustment if available, or back to the digital gain adjust if no analog gain is available.
 - Support for a future AUX EQ graph has been added
 - A few more WDLs have been added and enhanced.
 - Host Audio options have been added for output selection.
 - Some speed optimization has been done that should help with the Touch interfaces.

Happy testing!

Release Information / Dec 31 update: GUI 0.9.209
« on: December 31, 2016, 11:53:06 AM »
Happy New Year, testers!

Just posted 0.9.209 of the GUI, which addresses:
 - Bug in FKey recalls with view groups or Aux mixes set
 - Bug in Controller ID not being displayed correctly for multiple controllers
 - Added Controller ID in more Mixer WDLs


Release Information / Dec 16 major update: Host 0.9.61, GUI 0.9.207
« on: December 16, 2016, 11:00:16 PM »
Hi Gang,

We just posted the latest versions of both host 0.9.61 and GUI 0.9.207.  These represent some major internal changes.  There are more changes coming, but not quite as radical to the core as these.  It has taken a bit to clean up after all the work, which is why you haven't seen much here, but you can deduce by the version numbers that work has still been progressing.

There are still known issues (such as plug-in support), but I wanted to get this out to resolve some old bugs, as well as get some more testing going on.

The AMP protocol needed some tweaks to support future things, so we felt this was a good time to make that change.  Thus, you will need to use both the new host and GUI together.  Mixing and matching from old versions will not be pretty.  The good news is that the new host will read all of the older configs and scene files, so the update should be pretty seamless.  The GUI config however is a different thing.  We recommend starting with a fresh GUI and rebuilding, as this will eliminate any strange stuff that could happen from old config data.

Here are the highlights of some of the changes:

 - User Account Control (UAC) should no longer need to be disabled for the host to properly work
 - Scenes now properly handle recalling FX parameters
 - Post-Pan Solo tap now working correctly
 - WEB GUI now supports engine 2
 - Head-Amp control for Yamaha Dante preamps (with more to come!)
 - Ping-Pong Delay function now works properly
 - FX Section has been revised, and more delays are available
 - FX Graphic EQ now has Flat function, and variable Q filters
 - New AMP protocol enhancements for greater FX and Dynamics processing

 - New AMP protocol enhancements
 - Head-amp Gain converter type 19 added
 - Zoom function now works on all WDLs
 - Channel strip widgets can be hidden if they do not apply to a given channel.  Currently, this only is used for head-amp controls
 - GUI now saves config files per show name, so you can recall different shows, and GUI will also load its own config per show.
 - Fixed issue of running multiple GUIs on the same machine as the host (although this is probably NOT a good idea to do!)
 - Added markers for Multitrack and Media playback
 - Added a way to loop between markers 1 and 2 for Multitrack or Media playback
 - Longer file/path names are now supported
 - Updated FX section to match the host
 - Pop-up EQ now is resizable, which also resizes the dot points.
 - Host Audio can now be routed to a selected sound card
 - Mixer WDLs now have a little marker on them identifying channels that exist on hardware controllers

Happy testing!

Release Information / Aug 2 Host 0.9.27 Update
« on: August 03, 2016, 02:23:33 AM »
Hi Gang,

Just posted 0.9.27.  This *should*:

 - Fix issues with FX Inserts.  Note that "off" in Insert in/out selection means "self", so you will pass thru audio if the insert is enabled, but not routed.
 - Fixed Multi-Track playback with buffers >0
 - Added Head-Amp and Phantom power control for certain preamps.
 - Added Configuration page for Head Amp control.
 - Added auto-discovery for Yamaha TIO boxes.


Release Information / July 27 GUI 0.9.137 Update
« on: July 28, 2016, 12:28:36 AM »
Hi Gang,

Here's an updated GUI with some interesting stuff:

 - Fixed bug with mixer channel scrolling (using arrows or mouse scrollwheel)
 - MIDI controller meter bug fixed (that got introduced in the last update)
 - More WDL zoom capabilities (although this is still not complete, some bugs are being worked out still on this function)
 - F-Key saving options enhanced to allow optional saving of scrollbar positions as well as active channel
 - Drag & Drop mode now deactivates when shift is released (it used to "stick" on before)
 - FX parameter bug (introduced in the previous version) fixed
 - WDI "effect" files added for Hardware Inserts
 - Added option to enable/disable channel scrolling within a view group (this lets you still scroll thru all available channels even if you have a restricted view)
 - Removed Gate and Comp GR meters from DCAs in all mixers
 - Added new channel Snapshot capabilities!  This is both on the File menu, as well as the mixer Right-click option menu
 - Tweaked HUI and MCU controller files to make rotary control buttons line up with labels (so 'pan' actually adjusts pan... what a concept!)

Happy testing!


General Discussion / DCA Meters
« on: July 11, 2016, 09:19:25 PM »
Hi Gang,

So the last update contained the meters for DCA channels.  Question: do you think we should ALSO display the gain reduction meters?  It will currently show you the highest amount of gain reduction from any channel that is in the DCA group.


Release Information / June 30 GUI 0.9.134 and Host 0.9.26 Update
« on: July 01, 2016, 12:52:17 AM »
Hi Gang,

While there hasn't been a lot of releases lately, we have been hard at work, especially dealing with hardware controllers.  This update is probably the last one for the current host configuration - we will be enhancing the host to handle remote gain capabilities soon.

Here are the changelogs:

 - Added DCA solo and DCA meters (so now you can actually see if there is audio in a DCA!)
 - Fixed Host Audio feature for 88/96K rates (basically cutting it down to 44/48K for the GUI's sound card)
 - Added checkbox to globally disable Host Audio for all GUIs
 - Fixed UDP source port number (so meter data should now work even going thru a firewall)
 - Added FX unit for hardware insert Send/Return(this still needs GUI corresponding code, so it is not yet selectable)

 - Added flexible auxbar count to scale to actual used auxes (enabled by using count-auxillary-send:0)
 - Fixed Solo WDL tap updating bug
 - Added byte symbol commands to Midi Controller template processor (so you no longer have to use bits!  Entries look like this: <Symbol byte="F0"/>  )
 - Enabled SysEx string within midi controller definitions
 - Added more WDL zooming options for various WDL types
 - Scroll bar positions now are saved in the GUI configuration
 - Enhancements to controller Button and ButtonMatch definitions to allow multiple buttons to be used to control one function (like the rotary pots on the Mackie type controllers)
 - Added meters to the DCA sections of mixer WDLs

Happy testing!

Release Information / June 1 GUI 0.9.128 Update
« on: June 01, 2016, 11:44:57 AM »
Hey gang,

Just posted the latest GUI update.  Here are the mods:

 - Fixed meter taps on Channel Strip WDLs, so that it shows the input (and output) levels properly.
 - Mixer WDLs now count SLOTS instead of channels, so restrictive counts in mixers now can accurately display altered channel orders.  This makes it easier to build "stacked" mixers or meter bridges, with starting offsets.
 - Added right-click option in mixers: "Ignore View Groups" (making it like a meter bridge).
 - GUI config now saves right-click options for Auto-scroll, Ignore View Groups, and Show Only Active Channels.
 - Changed meter behavior to draw meters all the time (getting rid of partials), as well as corrected an issue that made very narrow meters.
 - Added option in Mixer Design Wizard to swap location of auxes and busses, in case you want to route auxes to busses (or vice versa).
 ** - Added right-click option in WDL titlebar for screen scaling (only currently working in mixers)! **
 - MIDI meter code optimized for less CPU usage.
 - Multi-track record selection fixed for stereo channels, and updated to show channel numbers instead of index numbers.

The WDL scaling should really be helpful for very small screens that are high rez.  Interested in feedback on this one especially!  We are working to add the capability to the other WDLs.

Happy testing!


General Discussion / AMP Dante is here!
« on: May 18, 2016, 11:14:28 PM »
Hey Gang,

We've been working a bit lately on getting AMP working with Dante, and I'm very happy to report that this is an exciting new option!

We will have the AMP Dante version available, which will come with the Dante PCI card, which features a redundant connection.  This provides 128x128 channels, all accessible via the current AMP!

Using a Mackie DL32R equipped with a Dante card (which gives me 32 in x 16 outs), I am seeing a latency of 3.74ms!  This is using a gigabit switch between Dante hardware devices, and setting the Dante latency on both devices to 250us (which is the lowest the Mackie would do).

Using an Intel Core I3-4360 at 3.7GHz, running Windows 7, I just ran a test using:
- 96 Input channels with *everything* turned on and processing:
   Low-cut, 7 bands of EQ, Gate with side-chain EQ, De-esser (with side-chain), and compressor
   24 auxes, each turned on
- 25 output channels, each with *everything* turned on.

CPU was running solid and click-free at 83.7% DSP.

Running the same number of channels, but with 3 bands of EQ, a compressor, and just 8 aux sends (which is more realistic of the typical use of a mixer, as you have to remember that not every channel is going to be up and running all sorts of processing) yielded 33.9% DSP utilization.

Folks, this means high channel counts (well into the hundreds) are possible with very modestly priced hardware!

The above numbers were using the Dante PCI Express card, which appears as 128 ins and outs to AMP.

If anyone is interested in testing AMP Dante, please PM me.  It's not cheap, but it does seem to work rather well!


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